About Us

Coincidentally, this business idea was sparked by an hands-on ice-breaker game I used to help my students get rid of any jitters they had entering the first grade. This game was more of a Kool Aid pickles experiment where students picked their flavor, label, and marketed their own jar of pickles. The project was a success and I hope the same for my business. I decided to conduct research on pickles that were currently being sold in stores with unique flavors. Based on my findings, the pickles that were being sold had no memorable flavor other than the original salty flavor of the generic pickle. Right then, I took my school project and started a business.
I immediately enrolled in a class to gain a certification for Acidified foods and registered with the FDA. Shortly after that, I scheduled my state inspection at my production warehouse and was approved and cleared to sell my pickles worldwide. Since then, several business owners have reached out on all platforms to express interests in helping to spread my pickles in neighboring communities.
My pickles are now being sold by one large distributor who sells my pickles to many stores in the Saint Louis area. It seems out of nowhere, I am a proud owner of a small manufacturing company that has been operating for two prosperous years. 
These are the photo of my first customers!