The Journey of Aliska's Amazing Pickle Cafe

Aliska's Amazing Pickle Cafe is located at 6427 Hampton, St. Louis, Mo 63109. I moved into the Cafe on January 29th of 2021. In this video, you will see how the Cafe looked before the transformation of any construction began until and how it looks now. There were a lot of hard work, conflicts, tears, and relationships loss as I worked hard to get the cafe ready for opening. I did not let that stop my progression until my vision was completed. There is still work for improvement. The Grand Opening was on July 1st of 2021. Now, I am currently making Pickle infused Air Fried Foods, Pickle Cupcake, and Milk Shakes (coming soon). Additionally, I host Pickle Parties with Karaoke.
Click on the link to view the video: